Who We Are

The Bosco Drama Group has a history dating back to the forties and fifties when a local group with an interest in comedy theatre formed the Group. Over the years the Group has included members including Charlie Smyth, The Cannavan Brothers and Sean Hollywood. During the fifties and sixties the Bosco would have been a major contributor to the Pantomime tradition which is now very much a annual ritual in Newry in the very capable and talented hands of the aforementioned Charlie Smyth.

The Group was reformed in 1992 when David Pearce was the Producer for a wonderful production of the highly acclaimed “Grease”.

In 1998 a number of young people from within the Bosco Youth Centre expressed an interest in reforming the group to present musical theatre. Throughout the year the group grew in numbers and in November 1998 Godspell was brought to what was Newry Town Hall where it opened to rave reviews. Since then the Group has performed “Annie”, “Our Day Out”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “The Magic of the Musicals”, “Oliver” and an award winning production of “Godspell”.

The Group has also been involved in other community theatre projects dealing with issues including Adoption, domestic violence and bullying.